Letterheads maintain their usefulness even in today’s increasingly digital environment. Even if your letterhead is only transmitted over digital networks, it is still considered to be a letterhead from a linguistic and technological perspective. Sending a personalized document, such as a high-quality letter on headed paper, is an excellent opportunity for some of our client’s businesses to cut through the noise of the digital world. This is the case for many of our client’s businesses, as the use of printed materials is a legal requirement for many of them. Know more about letterhead printing singapore.

How many millimeters does an A4 letterhead take up?

The size of an A4 Letterhead is 210 millimeters wide and 297 millimeters in height. Please add a bleed of 3 millimeters to the outside edge of the letterhead that you are designing in order to have it printed at a commercial digital printing facility. During the process of print finishing, this region will be removed, and the completed size will be the same as what is seen above.

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What is the main distinction between a continuation sheet and a letterhead?

Letterhead in the shape of a continuation sheet, which has fewer lines of text than standard letterhead, is rather prevalent. While creating a document, it is common practice to position the continuation sheet underneath the initial sheet. Because the continuation sheet already has all of the information that is legally necessary, the original letterhead can be considered to have fulfilled this requirement. This makes it possible to print on a larger surface and is very helpful for companies that generate large amounts of printed documentation.

What kind of paper should I use for my letterhead, and at what weight?

120 grams per square meter is the weight of paper that is most frequently used for printing letterhead. On occasion, certain organizations will ask for a heavier weight (often 160gsm) or a smaller weight (typically 90-100gsm). On the other hand, more than ninety percent of the letterheads that print are on an uncoated paper stock that weighs 120 gsm.

What are the typical dimensions for the letterheads used in businesses?

The A4 size is the one that is most frequently used for letterhead in the UK (210mm x 297mm). Letterheads printed on A4 paper make up 95% of all orders placed for letterhead printing. The A5 letterhead is the second most frequent size after the letterhead (148mm x 210mm). Generally speaking, the dimensions of a North American US Letter are 8.5 inches by 11 inches (215 x 280 mm). While they are not that distinct in size, the US Letter cannot be used in DL envelopes, which are the standard here in the UK because of the additional width of the document.