Durian is not a local fruit in Singapore. Durian is cultivated in four different countries, namely:

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Southern Thailand

Durian is seldom exported. You can find cheap durian singapore imported fruits from those countries.

About durian

Durian has a mild-sweet flavor with a pungent odor that makes most people refuse to eat. Therefore, the fruit has been banned from public transportation, especially on air-conditioned vehicles. Durian is native to the Philippines, making the fruit offered at a cheaper price.

Is durian affordable in Singapore?

The fact that durian is not a local fruit in SG, it is expected to be pricey when imported into the country. But, the price is good, it ranges from $16-$29 per kilo. If you are situated in Singapore and want to buy durian without leaving the house, it is possible

Where to buy durian online in SG?

Durian can be bought online in SG in Durian 36. You can order and buy freshly delivered durian online. The fruit is not only good for retail and wholesale prices, but even for durian party service.

Meaning, Durian 36 accepts bulk orders, especially when the fruit is needed for special events or parties.

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Durian price list

There are different types of durians available in Singapore and it comes with different prices each. Here is a list of the types of durian:

  • Old tree Mao Shan Wang
  • Mao Shan Wang
  • Red Prawn or D13
  • D24
  • Golden phoenix
  • Jin Feng
  • Premium D101

Is durian expensive?

Many Malaysians loved durians so much. Undeniably, the price range from durian is big. There are cheap variations, and some cost a few hundred ringgits per kilo.

Durian lovers in Singapore must be thankful that durian is not that pricey compared to the other states. Since Singapore is a country in Asia, prices of the durian are not that high. Thankfully, many Singaporean durian lovers leave comments in Durian 36 of their good durian delivery services.

Durian delivery

If you order durian online, you can make it online through the official website of the durian store. Durian 36 accepts bulk deliveries. They have been servicing many events delivering their fresh types of durians at affordable prices. If you dream of eating durian, but it is not a native in your jurisdiction, order it online.

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