Moling Services

Moling is an easy method used for laying pipes/cables. A self-propelled machine is used to drill, making the way for pipes to cover short distances. It is done with the hope of a machine without digging the actual trench. Moling Services offers trenchless solutions and minimal disturbance when repairing or moving pipes, and the specialized equipment can dig underground without disturbing the surface.

The moling services specialist does domestic water pipe and cable replacements throughout the city without digging manually. They can install or replace pipes without destroying the surface, with the exception of the entry and exit shafts, a major advantage over the open pit method, eliminating the time and cost of surface restoration and inconvenience to the public and transport.

In addition to this, it is also used to perform earthing work, lead pipe replacement, and water pipe repair. By using innovative casting methods, we can access the network and pipes in a minimally invasive way, as well as carry out repairs and installations. Trenchless grinding allows you to quickly and with minimal interruption replace water and gas pipes – that’s how we do it.

When water pipes need to be installed, the traditional method is to dig a long and wide trench along the way. This method uses pneumatically powered machines known as an impact mole (e.g. a ground torpedo) that tunnels a path (just like a mole) through the earth to its target, moving the underground landscape to make room for the pipes and eliminating the need to dig trenches for pipe laying. During the grinding process, a pneumatic machine, known as a mole, passes through the soil along the desired path of the pipe.

Moling Services

The benefits of using moling for you as a householder, homeowner, homeowner or business to lay groundwater, electricity, gas or pipelines are manifold. Complete Moling provides an efficient Impact Moling service that is faster, cleaner, less intrusive and cost effective than other traditional open pit pipe laying methods. Under the right conditions, direct installation of a product pipe with a hammer mole is simple and straightforward.

Molings avoid digging a trench and can be used for laying water pipes and heating coils in heat pump systems. Moling is a method of installing or replacing pipes in your area without having to dig large trenches along the entire length of the pipe to be installed. Compared to traditional pipe laying methods that require trenching, resurfacing has very little impact on your property and requires much smaller holes to be dug at 10-15 meter intervals depending on the length of pipe to be laid. Impact molding is a method used to lay pipes without the need for trenching, minimizing damage to the ground.

Moling is one of the least invasive pipe installation methods currently used in the construction industry as it allows water pipes to be installed with less damage than other methods. We specialize in moling, a trenchless method used to install pipes with minimal property damage. In the construction industry, forming is a trenchless way of laying pipes.

So, if you’re looking to replace an outdated water supply, have low water pressure, or just had a leak and would like to use the services of our plumbing experts, give Moling Services a call to relieve your stress.


If moling is done on unsuitable soil types, the procedure will be long and unsuccessful and may damage the equipment and the landscape. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional moling services provider to carry out any moling work on your home, business area or grounds.