Design Furniture

Design and Build is the leading creative design studio and furniture specialist. Whether you need corporate or event furnishings, heavy-duty displays, or unique architectural builds, we have the knowledge, training, and experience to create from your ideas. Design and Build provide bespoke solutions tailored to satisfy its clients’ needs while respecting budgetary constraints.

Design and Build is the right choice when designing and building custom displays and furniture that is both bespoke and efficient. Designing your collection or piece of furniture is fun and rewarding! We create custom designs that compliment your brand identity and allow you to showcase your products in the best possible light. Our innovative uses of materials enable us to create unique pieces that provide a memorable experience for your customers.

Design and Build specialize in functional display stands, furniture, and pedestals or plinths for exhibition stands, retail shopping centers, and corporate events. Finding the right solution for your needs has never been more straightforward.

The following is a list of some of the benefits you may enjoy when hiring the services of Design and Build.

Experienced and expert designers who can create a customized craftsmen solution design to your unique needs.

Design Furniture

A professional approach ensures your furniture and display stands are built to last. Our methods are thorough, tested, and proven to deliver the quality that you expect from our visual displays.

Designing displays for events is one of our many specialties. We can create tailored displays that reflect your brand identity and match your décor or style requirements. Specializing in corporate event displays, we have developed innovative solutions for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and retail shopping centers. We will support you with our versatile collections, including signage, banners, screens, or handrails.

Designing office furniture for commercial buildings has always been an eye-opening experience. Developing Furniture’s creative team today has over 20 years of experience designing show-stopping office interiors that make your business stand out from the competition. Kist Displays can build a bespoke office furniture solution to suit any environment or budget and deliver high-end interiors tailored to meet executive needs by combining modern materials with traditional craftsmanship techniques like solid wood furniture features and hand-crafted joinery that accentuate its beauty while giving it strength and durability.

Builders and architects always have to go through the same process when designing a house or office space. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it will be for them, too, when designing furniture for commercial buildings involved in interior design. They have to research and study numerous books and other references about furniture design to give their building an elegant yet functional look. The advantages of using an interior designer are that you will get the job done flawlessly, with a professional touch, within your budget, and on time with no intention of compromising quality.