ERP Solution: Solving Inventory And Order Management

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is the integrated management of the main business process in real-time and mediated by technology and software. The software has been used since it came out in the market. Many businesses are benefiting from the software as it makes everything well-planned and organized.

Fishbowl Inventory ensures that the ERP solution is provided excellent for your business to grow successfully and well-managed.

What does the ERP solution provide?

ERP refers to software that businesses use for the management of daily activities, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Supply chain operations

See your business as a well-managed company by using the software. A lot of business managers are using ERP solutions as a tool for successful inventory and order management plans. To make it straightforward, ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Management that consolidates the processing of collecting and organizing data of your business by an integrated software suite. The ERP software contains applications that automate business functions, such as:

  • Production
  • Sales quoting
  • Accounting and more

With the software, managing everything within the company is easy and quick. You will not have to do it manually, as it can be stressful and head aching. Why battle with loads of paperwork while you can make it simple and easy?

Consider that you are managing a large business, which means a lot of things to perform. Let’s put it this way, if the company is large, you will surely work on a pad of A4-sized bond paper. Manually write and check before it will be finalized, which sounds very tiring.

But, with an ERP solution, you have everything at your fingertips.

Fishbowl Inventory

Types of ERP solution

There are several types of ERP designed for various industries to address specific needs:

  • Apparel ERP. In the clothing industry, there is a lot to handle like changing over when seasons and fashion trends change.
  • Automotive ERP. Auto manufacturers rely on ERP tools for handling inventory management, scheduling, and quality control.
  • Cannabis ERP. It is an all-in-one solution from the following:
    • cultivation
    • manufacturing
    • processing
    • distribution

But, it is done legally.

  • Construction ERP. Construction contractors have to stay in control of subcontractors, labor, equipment, and materials. ERP software helps with the management of construction tasks.
  • Higher Education ERP. University and college ERP systems will support academic business processes, ranging from tuition billing to exam grading.
  • Manufacturing MRP and ERP. Going back to the ERP origins, MRP will provide:
    • Production planning
    • Personnel
    • Machine workloads scheduling
    • General inventory control


If your business belongs to one of the listed industries for specific ERP solutions, use the effective ERP software. ERP solutions will change everything in your business. See this as your powerful tool for the success of your business operation.