Difference between hiring in-house telemarketers and hiring a telemarketing agency

it is a valid question even for larger companies with dedicated sales teams: should you use your telemarketers or hire a specialist outbound telemarketing agency? There are three compelling reasons for many businesses to outsource their telemarketing:

  • Focus
  • Capabilities
  • Cost

In many circumstances, it makes more sense to engage the services of an external telemarketing agency for business-to-business telemarketing campaigns, as this article discusses these three reasons:


To begin with, one of the most compelling reasons to hire an outside telemarketing firm is that they will concentrate solely on producing leads for your company. When using an internal resource, many organizations would delegate telemarketing to an administrative assistant or expect it to be done as part of their job. But what occurs in most businesses is that they find anything else to do.


The question of capabilities goes hand in hand with the issue of emphasis. You may reach people who are considerably better at telemarketing than your employees by outsourcing telemarketing. When it comes to making outbound calls, even dedicated salespeople typically fall short of seasoned telemarketing. External telemarketing firms also contribute data collecting, segmentation, key message, and “pitch” development capabilities that your staff will lack. Consider this: in a week, a good telemarketer will pitch approximately 100 prospects. That’s nearly 50,000 pitches, given that the top telemarketers have been in the game for at least ten years.



Finally, the cost of employing a telemarketing agency is a factor that many businesses consider. When you compare the price of using your workers, or even yourself as a small business owner, to the cost of hiring a telemarketing company, the numbers are pretty persuasive.

A telemarketer costs roughly £250 per day on average, according to telemarketing organizations. Even when compared to the expense of your salespeople, this is appealing. However, when you consider the cost of them not being in front of prospects and closing, outsourcing makes financial sense.

When comparing the costs of an external telemarketing company to an administrative assistant making “a few cold calls,” the costs require a bit more thought, but they are still reasonable. Considering two criteria is usually the best approach: a) the cost per lead and b) the opportunity cost. When it comes to the former external telemarketing services it typically win because they are always more efficient. Furthermore, when you consider the potential cost of not receiving new leads into your pipeline and the resultant loss of new business growth, utilizing a telemarketing company is usually the wisest investment.


To summarize, while deciding whether to utilize internal telemarketers or external telemarketers, evaluate the big picture of how focused your internal telemarketers will be and how good they can be. Considering all of these factors, we believe that an outbound telemarketing service is the most appealing option for many businesses.