The use of teleprompters has become prevalent in numerous industries. But recently, the use of this has become a common practice in the delivery of public addresses, presentations, news, and video projects. Several teleprompters are accessible for rent these days. And each available for teleprompter rental new york is tailored to a particular situation where it is most suitable to be used. Common teleprompters used are listed below.

Camera-Mounted Teleprompter

The on-camera prompters which are often called “studio prompters” are attached directly to a camera. A transparent glass or reflective mirrors are used in front of the camera lens. This way, the speaker can directly look into the audience without looking as if they are reading a script.  This is done by reflecting the scrolling text off the glass or mirror.

Floor-Standing Teleprompter

These are stage- or floor-mounted and are the most recommended for live events, conferences, and stage performances. These prompters have a tripod-mounted reflective glass panel making it possible for the speaker to read from behind the teleprompter.

Interrotron Teleprompter

Interviews and documentaries are using interrotron teleprompters. This uses two teleprompters – the interviewer’s teleprompter shows the interviewee and the interviewee shows the interviewer. This is specifically designed to give the impression of direct eye contact between interviewer and interviewee. And the teleprompter is just used to further improve the conversation flow.

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Portable Teleprompter

Portable teleprompters are preferred for on-location shoots or interviews because they are small, lightweight devices and can be quickly set-up. This typically uses a glass panel that can be attached to a tripod or camera equipment. They also come with a foldable hood.

Presidential Teleprompter

Presidential teleprompters, often called “podium” or “speech prompters,” are used for podium addresses and presentations. There are two glass panels that are set on podium platforms on either side. And the glass panels allow the speaker to easily read the scrolling text while keeping eye contact with the crowd.

Robotic Teleprompter

Robotic teleprompters use advanced technology to position and scroll the prompter. This type of teleprompters can be remotely controlled to change the text pace and location in real time. These are commonly used during professional video productions to ensure accuracy.

Smartphone and Tablet Teleprompters

Smartphone teleprompters basically make use of the smartphone screens. These are often used for small-scale productions and vlogging. They mount the phone in front of the camera lens where the script or text can be read from. Smartphone teleprompters are much preferred because they are more convenient and cost-effective.

Tablet teleprompters on the other hand use the iPad or Android tablet to display text. Like the smartphone teleprompters, they are mounted in front of the camera lens. Its portability and low budget requirement can greatly help smaller productions.

Choosing the Right Teleprompter to Use

When selecting a teleprompter, it is important to take into account a number of different factors. This includes why you need one and the size of production that will use it. You also have to consider the setting of the production and your budget for renting one. This way, you can easily determine which type of teleprompter you should go for.