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A shipping company in West Melbourne offers delivery that can save you money, hassles, and time. Ontime Delivery Solutions was established in 1983 and provide a high-performing and reasonable price for third-party logistics and outsourced delivery services. They supply an Ontime car and driver with your corporate branding and uniform under your exclusive control, and the Ontime staff handles all management, route planning, cost control, and reporting.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the need for contactless delivery has increased. Therefore, Ontime created an advanced proof of delivery system (POD) that replaces signatures, and you can visit their website at to track and trace your order or parcel to ensure that to know where your driver is, from pick-up and to drop-off. Ontime cars provide ‘Ontime Earth’ GPS monitoring technology for remote tracking of a person, thing, or place.

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What provides a range of delivery options for you?

Ontime Delivery is accessible 24/7 to meet your demands for scheduled and on-demand deliveries. The drivers are professional and friendly to reach your delivery on time and with a smile. Therefore, OnTime provides a range of delivery options personalized for you.

  • On-Demand Services

On-demand services contain many accommodation evolving delivery requirements. Ontime experts will collaborate with you to choose the most practical method for delivering your packages to their intended locations.

  • Direct
  • 1 Hour
  • 2 Hour
  • 3 Hour
  • 4 Hour (Dock)
  • Same Day
  • Same Day and Next Day Services

With the help of Same Day and Next Day Services, regularly scheduled services with non-expensive flexible planning services handle postal deliveries, interoffice routes, and bank and payroll deliveries.

  • Dedicated Services

The Dedicated services satisfy the demands of your delivery volume. Support your large delivery volume and the fleet drivers dedicated to managing all your requests with no overhead cost on their system. In addition to our Dedicated program, you may choose Scheduled or On-Demand services to offer flexible and affordable delivery alternatives.

To better serve you, OnTime provides specialist services.

  • Medical Delivery Services

The specialty services provide to handle the delivery of your medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals with drivers with specialized training who give timed delivery and personalized routes.

What modern tools do they use to keep you on the road?

  • Contactless Delivery

Since the COVID-19 epidemic has increased, the need for contactless deliveries has created and put into place a novel photographic proof of delivery (POD) method that eliminates signatures.

  • Track and Trace

Ontime vehicles are fits with ‘Ontime Earth’ GPS tracking technology to know where your driver is, from pick up to drop off.

  • PDA

Ontime contractors carry portable devices and can record every aspect of every delivery since they have the latest information.

Get a free today by visiting the Ontime websites at with no obligation fleet x-ray. To assist your businesses an excellent chance to analyze areas of high spending, such as their distribution and transportation functions, and find methods to work more efficiently.