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bellewaters condo last least

Bellewaters Condo- The last but not the least

Bellewaters Condo is a small exclusive project located along the Anchorvale Crescent just minutes away from Sengkang Sports and Center of Recreation as well as the Sengkang Riverside Park. The place lends best potential for investment companies to invest capital as well as yield good rents. The place provides excellent job opportunities and housing demands in increased quantities. Additional requirements for employment are also provided here having great future and opportunities. Not only employment, education is also the best choice to opt for in this place. The place offers enormous opportunities for the family persons because of the entertainment and educational facilities located nearby. Since most people are working in offices and companies, transportation matters a lot to them. Therefore, locating your community in the center city is the best location.

bellewaters condo last least


Before 2010, Bellewaters Condo was launched in the year of 2005 in the country of Singapore. It renders a lot of services and facilities to the people by supplying proper housing electricity and lots more. Before 2005, in the beautiful country of Singapore, there were a lot of problems regarding housing and other household related issues. But after the launch of this EC, housing problems vanished like smoke.

Entertainment and transportation

In the October month of 2010, this was the first one for the launch of 4 consisting of many factors in their favor off. The first advantage is the presence of the nearby market. The second most is the MRT Station while also the presence of Buangkok Station located just 3 minutes away from this place, helps in popularizing the place to a great extent. The supermarket and the food court also play a major role in providing access to the stuffs and materials for daily needs easily. This also enhances the popularity of this place. The house consists of around 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms as well as 4 bedrooms which gives the owner a choice to buy houses according to their choice.