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condominium for close knit family preservation

Condominium for Close-Knit Family Preservation

District 14 in Singapore is a sought-after area especially for direct home buyers as well as property investors. The place is best suited for family residence because its location is quite set apart from the metropolis, although still near to the financial district. Incidentally, the preferred suburban area happened to be close to the various iconic destinations in Singapore such as East Road and the Orchard Road. Mostly, it is a typical place for raising a family since it is within the proximity of housing estates and schools.

condominium for close knit family preservation

In Geylang area in District 14, one can find a rare site of freehold development, the Loft 33. This low-density condo is built for residential units numbering only at thirty. All the thirty units are dual-key homes and the said condo is expected to be completed by 2017.

Besides District 14 is the launching of a freehold condominium called Marine Blue Singapore right at Marine Parade, District 15 East Coast. CapitaLand Residential Limited, one of the most established developers in Singapore, develops the condominium at the former Marine Point site. The area of the Marine Blue Singapore is a prime location just opposite the Parkway Parade Shopping Center. The place is very near major leisure destination and shopping center as East Coast.

Marine Parade condo is typical for family occupancy just the same as the Loft 33 in Geylang area. Loft 33 is encouraging families in staying together. With only dual-key units developed throughout the freehold project, each family residence may accommodate 2 households in 1, but still ensures privacy between them. The set-up is ideal for multi-generation families because it is a culture among Asian adults in living close with their elderly parents although they already have their own family. However, if you do not intend sharing your unit in Loft 33, the place is very much a worthy investment.