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Santorini Condo the dream house project for everyone

You are a dedicated boss or an employee. You do your work with extra efficiency to earn that reward and the money to take you and your family’s lives forward. You deserve everything from a standard life to a comfort weekends. We all dream of a simple life where we can work in day time and relax in our comfy apartments or homes at night. We all want to create a life where we can live with our family at peace. We all dream of a house and we all work for it but the increasing population and the degrading quality of construction has deemed our possibility of owing a house.

santorini condo the dream house for everyone

Houses for everyone

Santorini Tampines brings to you an exciting offer which can blow your senses. The Santorini Singapore is developing a theme housing complex in Singapore with the project name Santorini Condo. These projects are going to prove very beneficial for the working class of people. It will give a huge chunk of population their own home.
The theme is going to be Greek Island and the other properties of these housing parks can be listed as following: –

  • The lease period for these houses and other rental complexes are going to be for a time of 99 years.
  • There are going to be a total of 8 blocks with 15 storeys’s each. These entire blocks will be facilitated by 2 central lifts with a speed of 15 floors in just 45 seconds.
  • In total there are going to be 597 units of apartments and renting complexes.
  • These entire blocks are facilitated with necessary services like 24*7 water supplies, electricity supply and with power back up.

The Santorini Condo is like a dream house project for everyone like you and me. Where else you will get everything under one roof.