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bellewaters condo last least

Bellewaters Condo- The last but not the least

Bellewaters Condo is a small exclusive project located along the Anchorvale Crescent just minutes away from Sengkang Sports and Center of Recreation as well as the Sengkang Riverside Park. The place lends best potential for investment companies to invest capital as well as yield good rents. The place provides excellent job opportunities and housing demands in increased quantities. Additional requirements for employment are also provided here having great future and opportunities. Not only employment, education is also the best choice to opt for in this place. The place offers enormous opportunities for the family persons because of the entertainment and educational facilities located nearby. Since most people are working in offices and companies, transportation matters a lot to them. Therefore, locating your community in the center city is the best location.

bellewaters condo last least


Before 2010, Bellewaters Condo was launched in the year of 2005 in the country of Singapore. It renders a lot of services and facilities to the people by supplying proper housing electricity and lots more. Before 2005, in the beautiful country of Singapore, there were a lot of problems regarding housing and other household related issues. But after the launch of this EC, housing problems vanished like smoke.

Entertainment and transportation

In the October month of 2010, this was the first one for the launch of 4 consisting of many factors in their favor off. The first advantage is the presence of the nearby market. The second most is the MRT Station while also the presence of Buangkok Station located just 3 minutes away from this place, helps in popularizing the place to a great extent. The supermarket and the food court also play a major role in providing access to the stuffs and materials for daily needs easily. This also enhances the popularity of this place. The house consists of around 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms as well as 4 bedrooms which gives the owner a choice to buy houses according to their choice.

condominium for close knit family preservation

Condominium for Close-Knit Family Preservation

District 14 in Singapore is a sought-after area especially for direct home buyers as well as property investors. The place is best suited for family residence because its location is quite set apart from the metropolis, although still near to the financial district. Incidentally, the preferred suburban area happened to be close to the various iconic destinations in Singapore such as East Road and the Orchard Road. Mostly, it is a typical place for raising a family since it is within the proximity of housing estates and schools.

condominium for close knit family preservation

In Geylang area in District 14, one can find a rare site of freehold development, the Loft 33. This low-density condo is built for residential units numbering only at thirty. All the thirty units are dual-key homes and the said condo is expected to be completed by 2017.

Besides District 14 is the launching of a freehold condominium called Marine Blue Singapore right at Marine Parade, District 15 East Coast. CapitaLand Residential Limited, one of the most established developers in Singapore, develops the condominium at the former Marine Point site. The area of the Marine Blue Singapore is a prime location just opposite the Parkway Parade Shopping Center. The place is very near major leisure destination and shopping center as East Coast.

Marine Parade condo is typical for family occupancy just the same as the Loft 33 in Geylang area. Loft 33 is encouraging families in staying together. With only dual-key units developed throughout the freehold project, each family residence may accommodate 2 households in 1, but still ensures privacy between them. The set-up is ideal for multi-generation families because it is a culture among Asian adults in living close with their elderly parents although they already have their own family. However, if you do not intend sharing your unit in Loft 33, the place is very much a worthy investment.

lakeville comfy condos facing famous jurong lake

Lakeville- Comfy condos facing the famous Jurong Lake

Jurong Lake is by far one of the most exclusive addresses which anybody can flaunt. This address which was eyed by many famous builders can be yours now. Yes, Lakeville is offering your designer Lakeville Jurong condos at affordable price. You can now live in one of the most prestigious locations when in Singapore. Lakeville condos are designer condos overlooking the beautiful Jurong Lake. These condos are not just homes, but are a complete package which you would be proud of.

lakeville comfy condos facing famous jurong lake

Gift your child childhood:

Lakeville Jurong offers you an opportunity to gift your child the most deserved childhood. These lakeside condos are designed in one of the most serene environment of Singapore. Lakeville offers you many special features like Aqua Gym, Rainbow water play, fountains and many more other features where you can spend your time just admiring what Lakeville has to offer you. His is the first time that you can enjoy all these features while living within the city of Singapore.

Gift your family a home:

Lakeville Jurong is going to be your best investment ever. These lakeside condos are a perfect gift which you can ever gift your family. A happy family is a healthy family and at Lakeville, there is no reason to be unhappy. Lakeville offers you spacious condos along with flavourful shopping destination and schools. Isn’t it wonderful that you can find anything and everything within Lakeville? Yes, it indeed is.

Invest in these Lakeside condos today and gift your family a happy home with wonderful features. At Lakeville, you can find your family enjoying every single day of their life. Bring a smile on their face by booking your condo right away. Visit the official website for more information on these private condos and invest in it for a better future and of course unlimited happiness.

highline residence singapore living life lively

Highline Residence Singapore – Living Life Lively

The Highline Residence condo is one of the latest venture by the leading property developer of Singapore. They aim to provide you a quality hassle free life style and an elegant accommodation. So, let’s see what they have in store for you –
Vast Area – Most of these high rise residences embrace wider areas for example some occupy around10,990.6 square meters with a surface area of approximately 43,963 square meters, giving you a living space, which is uncluttered and spacious. It is full of lush greenery, opulent vegetation, large playground for your children and you can exercise or jog in the morning in the midst of nature and stay healthy.

highline residence singapore living life lively

Communication – If you are staying in Highline residences then, transport and communication is the least of your concern, as these condominiums are located in the posh areas of the city. They are well linked to every part of the city via roads like Zion Roads and Havelock Road and expressways like Central Expressway. These residences are also well connected by all kinds of public transport to give you a hassle free access to every part of Singapore.

Varied option of accommodation – The Highline Residences offers you various type of condominium to suit your pocket. There are almost 500 housing units, which, is divided into many section, and each section contains 25, 30 and 40 story of building.You can also get rid of any worries about car parking and space crunch basement car facility is also available within the Singapore new launch project.

Countless amenities – You surely need a living space that can not only provide you a great place to live in, but can also keep you spirited, fulfilling all the fun you crave for, that is why Highline residences can be the perfect dwelling for you. You are sure to find all the clubs, multiplexes and restaurant in the vicinity.

Educational Institute – This condo enjoys close proximity to top-notch schools such as Crescent Girl’s school, GanEngSeng Secondary school.

So, be a proud owner of your dream home at Highline Residences in Singapore and enjoy life to the fullest.

condo purchasing might be fruitful with your best search

Santorini Condo the dream house project for everyone

You are a dedicated boss or an employee. You do your work with extra efficiency to earn that reward and the money to take you and your family’s lives forward. You deserve everything from a standard life to a comfort weekends. We all dream of a simple life where we can work in day time and relax in our comfy apartments or homes at night. We all want to create a life where we can live with our family at peace. We all dream of a house and we all work for it but the increasing population and the degrading quality of construction has deemed our possibility of owing a house.

santorini condo the dream house for everyone

Houses for everyone

Santorini Tampines brings to you an exciting offer which can blow your senses. The Santorini Singapore is developing a theme housing complex in Singapore with the project name Santorini Condo. These projects are going to prove very beneficial for the working class of people. It will give a huge chunk of population their own home.
The theme is going to be Greek Island and the other properties of these housing parks can be listed as following: –

  • The lease period for these houses and other rental complexes are going to be for a time of 99 years.
  • There are going to be a total of 8 blocks with 15 storeys’s each. These entire blocks will be facilitated by 2 central lifts with a speed of 15 floors in just 45 seconds.
  • In total there are going to be 597 units of apartments and renting complexes.
  • These entire blocks are facilitated with necessary services like 24*7 water supplies, electricity supply and with power back up.

The Santorini Condo is like a dream house project for everyone like you and me. Where else you will get everything under one roof.

the benefits of booking commonwealth towers condo in advance

The benefits of booking Commonwealth Towers condo in advance

Buyers who are getting their unit from the developer of commonwealth tower get many benefits financially in the transaction. The buyers have to book for their possession well in advance to enjoy the benefits in all angles. The prime benefit is that they can select the suitable portions from the existing portions with the developer according to their taste and preference. The buyers can get the portion handed over to them in the prescribed schedule informed by the sellers at the time of booking of the possession.

the benefits of booking commonwealth towers condo in advance

The financial benefits in booking the flats in advance

The buyers can save their money in buying the property after the completion of the projects as they have to pay exorbitant value as per the current market value prevailing in the real estate field after the completion of the projects. If they book flats or portions in the residential complex built by the building developers of commonwealth tower condo then the buyers are able to pay the value of the residence as it was in the period they booked for the possession. As the condominium project is situated in the suitable location in the center of the main city.

The buyers potentially get high resale value in future

The purpose for many buyers for buying the luxurious flats or houses is to get the maximum value if it is sold in any situation in future. The buyers can be rest assured if they purchase the premises by this popular real estate business people that they can get the suitable resale value for the property if they come to sell the property in future. In addition, the sellers have many clients with them and as such, they would arrange to sell the property with suitable market value to any of their clients without any problems with the clients.