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the glades singapore where luxury comes along with serenity

The Glades Singapore – Where Luxury Comes Along With Serenity

Are you looking for a residential property in the eastern region Singapore? Well, there are a number of properties located in that particular region. Many of these can provide you with an ultimate living experience, but very few of them will provide you with world-class living away from the hustle-bustle of the city. One among the few names is The Glades Singapore. Although it is positioned in one of the most prime locations of the island, you will also find peace and serenity all around. Whether you are a homeowner or an investor, no other property can be so laudable like it.

the glades singapore where luxury comes along with serenity

Schooling, Dining, Shopping at a stone’s throw

Quite obviously, a property that is located around 3 minutes walking distance from the Tanah Merah MRT station would be a hotspot for both home seekers and investors. You will be surprised to note that as many as 22 schools are located nearby that too within a radius of 6 KMs. The Temasek Polytechnic, the Victoria Junior College, etc are some of them. Also, you will not have to worry about your day to day needs, like grocery, stationary, medicine shops, shopping complexes and dining options. That’s because you will find them in plenty. There is Bedok Point and Mall as well as you will find a number of hawkers also.

What about the pricing?

Well, this is one of the most important aspects related to any kind of property. As a buyer your inquisitiveness is justified. As far as the prices are concerned, of course it would depend on the type of unit you are purchasing. You have plenty of choices, right from one bedroom apartment to 4 bedroom penthouses. If you want to get proper information regarding the same and other areas like floor plan and facilities, then the best option is to search the web.

homes highest price tag around world

Homes with the Highest Price Tag around the World

The accurate measure of an individual’s material wealth is largely estimated through his selection of abode. Let us look at the priciest houses on the planet to see living the high life can reach towering heights in prices.

homes highest price tag around world

1. Antilla in India $1 billion

When the world’s 5th wealthiest guy moved into his 27-storey mansion that lords above frenetic Mumbai, it heralded an unprecedented milestone in property development; Antilla was the first ever billion dollar home on earth. Antilla impresses with the world’s absolute magnitude and outstanding layout. No two storeys are equally inside the towering construction. Its insides match that of the Palace of Versailles. It fits guestrooms, lounges, dance studio, health club, fitness center, and a six-level garage for the 168 cars of the family. They maintain all their cars in showroom condition via professional car detailing team from

2. One Hyde Park Penthouse $225 million

Posh condominiums in London’s pledge is the ultra-luxe One Hyde Park situated in the fashionable district. Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, paid a handsome price to maintain the topmost floor. The $225 million (GBP136 million) property isn’t your typical London level, being 16 times bigger compared to typical three-bedroom house. Building utilised thousands and 15 kinds of marble that was rare . Conveniences include fitness room, and private theater, saunas, pool, wine cellar. The annual service charges are over GBP100,000.

3. William Randolph Hearst’s mansion $165 million

William Randolph Hearst’s mansion in Beverly Hills has developed a leading reputation with its cameo appearance in the iconic film “The Godfather”. In addition, it hosted the honeymoon of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy in 1953. The 1920s mansion situated in a 6-acre estate holds an unique disco, and 29 bedrooms, movie theatre, three pools. The property was bought by the publishing magnate in 1947 for $120,000. It became the priciest house in the US marketplace when the present owner’s asking price was $165 million.

4. Elena Franchuk’s Victorian villa $161 million

The Victorian villa possessed by Elena Franchuk, prominent AIDS knowledge promoter from Ukraine, brought $161 million or GBP80 million when it was bought. Once a girl’s school, the villa was designed to be a dwelling in 2006. The enormous refurbishment gave the historical building its present attributes – amusement room, and five storeys, 10 bedrooms, sauna, room theater. This Victorian villa can be found in the Kensington district in London.

5. Aaron Spelling’s manor $150 million

Constructed and designed to represent the gold heritage Aaron Spelling, his erstwhile manor just outside La is worth. The mega-mansion carries houses 123 bedrooms, tennis court, bowling alley, and three kitchens and French chateau sophistication. One unique characteristic of the manor is a whole flooring used as cupboard space. New owner’s wardrobe, 22-year old Petra Ecclestone, will likely occupy that space.

6. Hala Ranch $135 million

Hala Ranch is Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia’s leisure palace. Private access is granted by the Palaceof place in Starwood Ranch to some of the finest inclines in Colorado. The 135-million-dollar house is larger in relation to the White House and has 15 bedrooms along with 27 toilets. In addition, it has car wash, indoor pool, stables, and tennis court.

7. Fleur de Lys $125 million

Fleur de Lys is a straggly 3,809-squaremetre mansion inspired by Vaux le Comte, a 17th century chateau that was additionally employed as a model. It’s been for $125 million in the marketplace since 2007. The mansion’s insides speak of French influences, in the limestone that is handpicked adorning the walls -karat gold trimmings. Period furniture linked to Marie Antoinette and Napoleon makes a visit a museum-like encounter.

8. Maison de l’Amitie United States in Florida,: $100 million

Donald Trump’s beachfront property, Maison de l’Amitie in Palm Beach, stands on 7,432 square metres of houses and land a ballroom, 15 bedrooms, a conservatory, a tennis house, a guest bungalow, and a resplendent pool. Initially put into the marketplace for the palatial house was sold to Russian mogul Dmitry Rybolovlev for.

9. Dracula’s Castle in Romania: $ 80 million

Bran Castle, otherwise called Dracula’s Castle, sprawls amidst 20 acres of mountaintop property. It boasts 57 rooms. It was called Dracula’s Castle because it were frequented by Vlad the Impaler, better referred to as Count Dracula. Archduke Dominic Habsburg currently owns the palace. The person still hasn’t found a willing buyer for the citadel, whose real value can be said to be $135 million.

10. Updown Court $56 million

Bigger stands in relation to the combined regions of Hampton Court Palace and Buckingham Palace. The grand mansion a part of a 58-acre property after being blown off by the marketplace for six years sold. You will locate a theater, bowling alley, and pools -room house.

special audience unlimited potential

Special Audience, Unlimited Potential

City Gate Shoppes includes three degrees of 188 industrial models which come in dimensions to fit your business requirements. Own your area within this strategically situated mall that’s surrounded by four important development places in Singapore’s citycentre. As a result, the possibility of development is placed to become exponential.
You’ll possess a prepared share of critical citizen clients in the magnificent City Gate Residences. In addition is likely to be citizens from regional improvements, including fresh types prepared for Kampong Bugis. These employed in adjoining custom galleries and office properties will even increase your previously-extending client base. Additionally, locations and the various disciplines colleges around brings for your company a bohemian and hipster clientele who’ll provide color, variety and vibrant vitality, along with a constant flow of youngsters. This can, without doubt attract guests and visitors in the Kampong Glam history area who’re searching for special activities. Anticipate getting the big capacity crowds of a large number and guests of occasion -guests from the different sports sites, Singapore Indoor Arena and also the National Stadium.

special audience unlimited potentialPerfect Opportunity, Best Investment

Using modern style and its smooth shapes, City Gate Shoppes is placed to create fresh lifestyle to Beach Road. The 250m broad road frontage that is extensive exercises over Beach Road for maximum coverage and the active junction of Jalan Sultan. The act will even add glow during the night to rejuvenate the whole area having a new excitement. Made to boost foot traffic’s circulation into City Gate Residences, Nicoll Highway MRT stop directly will be immediately linked by a protected overhead path into the mall. By seizing ecommerce opportunity today whether you’re purchasing a device on your own company or buying one for expense, increase your results later on. The basement is anchored by a food court. Enhance the food court with distinctive culinary choices of your. The food court will even provide large foot-traffic for this degree, which makes it well suited for all kinds of industry. Its own broad street frontage and the glass act allows to the street-level for maximum exposure, experiencing possibly Beach Road or Jalan Sultan. This permits one to produce ideas and impactful visual marketing or store styles to attract your audience. On stage 2, you’ll discover a protected overhead path that’ll link Nicoll Highway MRT station straight into the mall along with the anchor tenant store. This can attract a higher amount of clients for your company.