Law on Land or Property Ownership in Singapore

There are many people who want to buy and own a property in Singapore. Some of these residential and commercial properties are under the property laws of Singapore. On residential properties there are things that need to also be considered like:

  1. Only Singapore citizens and some of the approved purchasers defined under the Residential Property Act (RPA) can buy a residential property including the vacant lands in Singapore.
  2. Singapore citizens can also freely get all the lands including the residential properties.
  3. Singapore companies, limited liability partnerships, and societies can only freely get all the lands after getting a guaranteed clearance from the Controller of Residential Property.
  4. Foreigners like the permanent residents and foreign companies or limited liability partnerships or societies can freely get non-restricted properties which are also defined by the RPA as :
    1. a. Any flat that is also compromised in a development is also permitted for residential purposes and not for a landed dwelling house.
      b. Any unit that’s found in approved condominium buildings.
      c. Any unit that is in a development which is also sold under the executive condominium scheme.
  5. Foreigners cannot buy all the residential units in a building or an approved condominium building without the Minister of Law’s prior approval.
  6. Foreigners cannot buy or get any restricted residential property except through mortgage, re-conveyance, or charge.
  7. Law on Land or Property Ownership in Singapore
  8. Making a property as a gift to another foreigner is also not allowed in Singapore.
  9. Foreigners also need to get an approval from the Minister of Law before buying any restricted residential properties.
  10. A foreigner can also be considered to buy a restricted residential property if he or she is a permanent resident, able to contribute to the local economy, and a professional or any relevant qualification.